I found a reliable air conditioning repair company

After spending hundreds, literally hundreds of dollars on incompetent useless air conditioning companies I found someone who I can highly recommend that works right here in Katy Texas. I found it interesting after paying three other companies that they all did the same thing which was be completely useless. All three companies who I won’t mention, none of them did the simple basic diagnosis of my ac problem. All three companies never stepped into my house. They all however said my unit was low on freon. They all charged me over $300 dollars but one company broke the mold and did the exact opposite.

They didn’t just give me a quick fix they actually tried to locate the source of the problem. TAM AC & Heating is the best air conditioning company in Katy because they went above and beyond. They said they were just doing there job and any company should have done the basic check up. They discovered a problem with my furnace that was causing the freeze ups inside my air conditioners.

air conditioning repair company

The Appliance Man AC & Heating
21030 Somerset Park Ln
Katy, TX 77450
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