Orange County Bail Bond Agent Paving The Way For Others

We uncovered a story here truly remarkable. It is mind blowing but really in today’s error this kinda of stuff goes on all the time. We learned what shady bail bonds agents are willing to do to stay in business. Chad Conley is a bail bondsman right here in the OC. For those that aren’t’ from around here I’m talking about Orange County in California. Over the years Chad has done very well for himself. I might add that he has had continued success doing thing the right way. By putting his clients first and willing to do anything to help you when you most need it. Not only is Chad great to get you out of jail but he saves you money doing it.

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Chad Conley Bail Bonds
Laguna Beach, CA
(714) 361-2348

He is one if not the first one to offer bonds at an extremely low rate of 6%. To put this in perspective other bail bonds orange county agents were offering 8 to 10%. This doesn’t sound like a whole lot been when were talking bail bonds being 20k on the low end upwards to100k and more this can really make a big difference. Chad wasn’t about ripping people off just doing a good job at an affordable rate. The other oc bail agents didn’t like this and scrutinized to try and take him down. Chad was within his rights to offer this low rate and since these guys couldn’t beat him they joined him. Now many agents are all offering the same rates thanks to Chad Conley Bail Bonds.