Does a Honest Charlotte Plumber Actually Exist?

plumbersHere at Home recording Mag we wanted to get to the bottom of this topic. We had one of our friends who actually had a real plumbing issue to call a few different plumbers and see what they would do. We setup a situation where we knew exactly how to fix the water heater but acted like we didn’t know and you would be surprised at what we found.

The first plumber was just plain awful but we do you expect when you hire someone from craigslist. The man who arrived didn’t seem interested in being friendly and didn’t seam to have much knowledge in water heaters. He gave us an estimate and said it needed a part that we knew wasn’t even met for the water heater! He made up a fake part to increase the pricing.

The second wasn’t any better. He went on to tell us how bad the water heater was. He said it wouldn’t be worth fixing and to get it replaced all together. He wanted to sell us a new water heater for over $900. Finally we found a good guy Charlotte Plumbing. He was very professional in his appearance with a company shirt and actually found the problem. He realized it was a simple fix and so Kevin is rewarded with having is company info displayed below.

Charlotte Plumbing & Repair
1025 W Trade St
Charlotte, NC 28202
(704) 394-5252