The Cost of Installing Granite Countertops in Murrieta

The most important and busy room in the house is the kitchen, the reason why a lot of attention and details need to be considered in order to ensure that the kitchen meets not only the right standard but also stand out. There is no better kitchen surface than the granite countertops. To ensure that you get the best deal for your money you can check with granite countertop supplier in Murrieta since there is a variety of granite available in the market to choose from. The major shortfall of this high-end material is the cost which is why many individuals would not fancy installing the granite counter top in their kitchen.

Types of Granite Countertops in Murrieta

Granite countertops installation Murrieta come in various types and you will realize that not all of them are expensive. Lower Granite is also available in the market at a very friendly price. They are not only lower in quality but very unique and is equally good in the kitchen

The most expensive granite countertops are the Slab granite, the reason why this is so being because the slab is not only naturally formed granite stone but also cut to measure. As far as price is concerned one can also go for other granite remnants as well as the granite tile, apart from them being affordable they also have that unique and beautiful finish of the kitchen counter.

The price should not be the reason as to why one disregard granite as there are so many alternative natural stones that are much more pocket-friendly. The cost of installing granite countertops can also be reduced to a great extent especially when one goes for the ones that can be installed very easy by the owner, this will go a long way to reduce the cost of hiring a professional to do the same work.

  • Slab Granite Countertops

This is the real deal as far as granite countertops is concerned. They are not only mined off-site but also cut to fit to fit the exact measurement of your kitchen countertop. When it comes to installing this piece there is no shortcut as you will have to get the help of a profession unless you want to lose a lot of money because of breakage. Best granite countertops installation Murrieta will normally it will cost one an average of 60 US dollar per square foot to install the granite but the cost can come down drastically depending on the distance where you got the granite from. The cost of installing best granite countertops Murrieta is equally proportioned with whether it is locally acquired or imported. The former being much more expensive than the latter.

  • Modular Granite

They are made from smaller slabs and this is ideal if you are not so much worried about the seam, as the pieces fit the kitchen pretty well. One of the plus with this granite is the ability to create your preferred style with them. They are much cheaper this is because one can install them by themselves making the prices of the slap way cheaper than the natural slab stone. As far as seams are concerned there is no way to avoid them when using this granite but you will realize that they are not easily visible.

  • Granite Tile Countertops

Tiles countertops are one of the cheapest and very easy to install granite countertops that are available out there. It has no complication as it is installed with epoxy and not the mortar or grout. It is just the same way as installing the floor tile of the house. One of the major drawback with it is that the seams are much more visible making it not a much more preferred granite for the kitchen countertop. When you consider the price of about 4 US dollars per foot for the granite tile it is not a bad way of remodeling your kitchen.


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