The life of a appliance repair atlanta company and marketing choices.

The story of a local appliance repair company in Atlanta is a story about hardwork. Day in and day out your driving from place to place, fixing has many appliances as you can. You have to deal with licenses being insured, constantly training to make sure you know how to repair all the latest brands. Which as of late are becoming more and more about electronics with new computer technology. You have to navigate many different forms of advertising. There are many sharks out there in the form of phonebooks, flyers, coupons, pay per leads, internet marketing. It’s very difficulty to find the right appliance repair marketing company.

Let me tell you of one mans story on the path to turn things around for his company. He started with phone books of course. It’s a form of advertising that seems like every business owner does in the beginning. Then when you venture off into the internet marketing side of things it can get tricky to find the one company who will do what they say they will. Get Local was the company that changed FAheems life.

It took him a while to finally commit but when he did he started getting phone calls to trickle in. He was very excited but didn’t realize that was just a taste of what was to come. After 5 months he now gets to book 2 service calls a day from new customers. These aren’t repeat customers these are people that simply type appliance repair atlanta and found his company up at the top of google. Working with Expert Appliance was the perfect fit. His wife knows how to answer the phone be kind and book the call. Faheem knows how to fix appliance and make his customers happy.

The companies contact info included in this blog are down below should you need anything.

Appliance Repair Pro Atlanta
4176 Hwy 92
Douglasville, GA 30135

Get Local
La Habra City
La Habra, CA
(714) 404-8025