Why Choose Granite Countertops in Detroit?

Whether you’re looking at remodeling your kitchen, or you’re looking into buying a new home, you will hear the buzz on granite countertops. Having granite in your kitchen will up the resale value of your home considerably, but that’s far from the only reason to go with granite. If you’re thinking of installing granite countertops, here are some things to know.


Granite is durable. It comes second only to diamonds in terms of hardness, and when properly treated and sealed, it’s resistant of everything from heat, dents, acids, or bacteria. Super helpful in a place like a kitchen, where the heat gets intense, and you’re constantly spilling things. Not all granite is treated, so when you’re looking at granite countertops in Detroit, talk about the differences in sealed and unsealed countertops.

One of A Kind Styling

There are so many options for color and style when it comes to granite. Even if you have a particular color or style in mind. Say for example, you really love the look of quartz. You’ll want to find quartz countertops in Detroit Michigan, it won’t take long before you realize that there are dozens of types of quartz, affecting the coloring, the veining, and the overall look. In addition, because quartz, and granite in general, is a natural substance, every single countertop you see will be one of a kind. That makes it a great addition to your kitchen that is 100% unique.


Granite countertops add a huge amount to your resale value. When you’re buying a home, the granite countertops are a huge selling point. So you might think that buying granite countertops in Michigan would be too expensive. But the reality is, a granite countertop will pay for itself in a few years. As we’ve mentioned, it’s almost impossible to damage granite, and that means as a renovation option, it will last you years. Look for the best granite suppliers in Michigan, and ask about their warranty. A good granite countertop has a long life span, and the best companies will provide you with the option for a 10-15 year warranty. Taking care of your granite will keep it in good shape for two or three decades after the warranty runs out. If you’re still concerned about the cost, take a look at the variety of options for type and style of granite.

Making the choice to switch to granite countertop may seem a little intimidating. The value that granite countertops add to your home may make you think they’re beyond your price range. You may feel like the options don’t reflect the style of your home, or be unsure of what color or style to choose from. But given the durability of a granite countertop, and the sheer amount of style options, from color, to pattern, to type of stone, you are bound to find the granite countertop to best suit your home, and at a price that will make it accessible for your family. Whether you’ve always dreamed of the perfect kitchen, or you’re looking to up the value of your home for the market, we are confident that granite countertops will make the perfect addition to your home.

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